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STORY: A poor college boy, Shivjit meets a modern, affluent girl, Bani. But instead of romance blossoming between the two promptly, the story begins with one-sided love from Shive while Bani is only harboring platonic friendship. Shortly after, Bani is married and packed off to the UK. A few years later, Shive finds out Bani has been widowed and pursues her to the UK. After she discovers she is pregnant with her late husband’s child, Bani agrees to marry Shive. The story doesn’t end in the fairytale happily ever after in the physical space as qismat (fate) takes a turn.
REVIEW: Qismat 2 starts in flashback with Shive (Ammy Virk), the college sports coach reminiscing about his love for Bani (Sargun Mehta), as a college student. With his salt and pepper beard, Ammy brings maturity to Shive twice, once in the beginning as a coach, and a second time when he goes in pursuit of Bani to the UK. With this film, Ammy has learned to play to his natural strengths- that of vulnerable expressions, which adds gravitas to his character as a thoughtful man.
In the first half, Sargun portrays the pub-hopping, fun-loving college student naturally. Later, getting into the skin of a grieving widow, Sargun makes a smooth transition from fun to somber. As Bani swings between a widow fighting against loving another man and betraying her husband’s memory, to her affection for Shive, Sargun has truly arrived at her personal best.
The surprise character tucked away from all promos and trailer of the film, is Tania who is sporting a short bob, playing the medical student smitten by her college coach, Shive. It’s not just Tania’s hairdo that is the newness, she is also refreshing in drawing out the character from the actor within. Of course, the other surprise in the film is lyricist Jaani, who comes in fleetingly a cameo as Bani’s husband.
While Ammy, Sargun, and Tania are busy relaying the story from different timelines, director Jagdeep Sidhu has played his part as the captain of Qismat 2 with emotional ease that’s tough to find in Punjabi cinema. Jagdeep has sketched his heart out on screen, quite literally, and ensured that the story stirs audiences into crying. It is because the characters have bared their vulnerability, that makes this story so touching.
The music by B Praak is profound and promotes the sadness in the narrative beautifully.
Though the script lacked some places in editing with some scenes not connecting naturally to the previous, overall Qismat 2 will be hailed as a new chapter in the Punjabi films saga.
Characters, Rupinder Rupi, Hardeep Gill, Amrit Amby, Balwinder Bullet, support the script to travel effortlessly.

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