Brahmastra: Part One – Shiva (2022)

Bolywood | 167 Min

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In ancient India, people of the Brahmansh community would take care of their spiritual weapon Brahmastra but as years passed by with changing times, people started to forget about it. In present-day Shiva, a DJ has a strange connection with a fire that never harms him he meets Isha and both fall in love. A Delhi-based scientist Mohan Bhargav from Brahmansh community possesses a piece of Brahmastra and gets attacked by two evil forces Zor and Raftaar. Still, he manages to overcome them with the powers of Vanarastra but the evil queen Junoon manages to control him and tortures him to ask about Brahmastra. But Bhargav being the protector of it gives his life which Shiva sees in hallucinations after he comes in contact with fire he also notices that the next target could be an artist Anish Shetty. Shiva and Isha go to save Anish at Varanasi where he tells him the events he saw but Junoon has already reached there to kill him Anish manages to escape with Shiva and Isha with the power of Nandiastra and asks them to take him to Guruji’s Ashram in Himachal. On the way, Anish finds who actually is Shiva and gives his piece of Brahmastra to Isha and asks her to reach it safely to Guruji as Junoon is following them unaware of Guruji’s Ashram. Anish loses his life while fighting with Junoon and her men after a lot of hurdles Shiva and Isha reach Guruji’s Ashram where Guruji reveals who Shiva actually is and his connection with the fire. And that Brahmastra has three pieces of which one is missing and if Junoon joins them all together the universe will be destroyed.


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